Champaign High School

Schedule of Events for 2018 Reunion

In Memorium - As of 06/08/2018

List of Classmates Who Will Be Coming - As of Aug 20, 2015

List of Classmates Still Missing - To be updated

Photos - Prior Reunions/Gatherings,  50th Reunion

Septuagenarians - as of Sept 2017


History of CHS

Trivia From the Class of 1965

Video of the 35th Reunion in 2010

We encourage classmates to tour the high school since it might be gone in the near future. 
The school board wants to build a new high school to replace it!    


If you would like to add information or to let us know you are coming to the reunion, please send your information to Bill Somplatsky-Jarman at
Thank You.